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How much of your life are you missing out on due to stress or anxious feelings?

Stress shows up in everyday life. It happens to everyone.

Sometimes you know exactly why you feel stressed or anxious and sometimes it becomes emotionally overwhelming. Although it is a normal part of life, how you deal with stress can make a tremendous impact on your physical health.

No matter the circumstances that lead you to be stressed…

  • Work. Difficult coworkers or boss, more work than ever before, an unfulfilling job, and daycare issues.

  • Home life. Involving a spouse, children, and parents can be stressful, or becoming the primary caregiver for a sick relative.

  • Student life. Taking tests, group work/project, homework anxiety.

  • Social situations. Talking in front of people, being around too many people or delivering presentations.

  • Finances.

  • Chronic pain.

Often, reactions are more about the past than about what's happening right now. Hypnosis can bring more clarity to these situations and reduce stress. ​

If you’ve tried to relieve your stress with other methods that have not lasted long term, or the stress has made you turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms you’d like to stop relying on, hypnosis can work for you.

You can live without stress weighing you down, and experience more freedom.

I'll show you how

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Watch this video to learn what to do when stress becomes too much.

Hypnosis for effective, long term stress management

Many health and emotional conditions are linked to chronic stress.

Whether you try to ignore, avoid, or distract yourself from the anxious feelings or stress, it feels like those emotions get stronger and last longer. ​

Feeling out of control or living with the knots of stress in your body interferes with daily life.

If stress constantly consumes you, it can lead to:

  • heart disease

  • cancer

  • infections

  • lung disease

  • the common cold

  • insomnia (difficulty sleeping)

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • weight problems

  • gastrointestinal issues

    (IBS, Crohn's disease)

  • substance abuse

  • fears

Where are you on this journey?

Do You?

Have You?

Are You?

  • Find yourself missing out on important events because you are too anxious to go?

  • Feel self-doubt that stops you from accomplishing what you are capable of?

  • Constantly compare yourself to others and feel you will never be good enough?

  • Tried therapy, self-help books, meditation, or other common methods to reduce stress, only for none of them to help long-term?

  • Felt strain on your relationships because it feels too scary to be vulnerable and connect?

  • Tired of feeling like there is more to life, but like you are too stressed out to go experience it?

  • Frustrated that even small things feel like a big deal because you are always on edge?

Taking control of your health can help you live a better life and avoid the negative impact chronic stress can lead to.

Change starts with you

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Imagine yourself handling every situation with ease and comfort – living life to its fullest.

Hypnosis can help guide you to live a more comfortable life so you can find space to breathe and have peace of mind while reducing the impact on your health. ​

When you are in control of your stress, you stop living in survival mode.

Your mind and body can relax and feel safe, allowing you to reduce how stress shows up in your body or your emotions. ​

Hypnosis helps clear space in your life by reprogramming your subconscious.

Every hypnosis session is tailor-made to your specific needs and takes place in a safe, non-judgmental, and comfortable environment.

When we work together, you’ll have the tools to better manage stress in any situation.

You will finally be able to...

  • Take control of your life and lead with confidence.

  • Smile more rather than walk around with a tense jaw or shoulders.

  • Feel at ease making decisions.

  • Say YES to social invitations.

  • Enjoy personal and work relationships without fear or stress.

  • Feel comfortable in any situation.

If you’re ready for real change, now is a great time to start.

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You can do this, I can help.

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