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Do you feel you lost your edge or hit a wall as an athlete? Or, not performing in your sport as best as you know you can?

You’re an intelligent, motivated athlete, but something slipped and you’re not at the level you used to be, or you know you can be. ​

You’ve already been there before—at the top of your game, in the zone, confident and empowered. ​

Lately, you’re frustrated and disappointed with your efforts. And you’re starting to believe you’ve lost your edge. ​

For some that can smell like defeat more than victory and it can bring out a downward spiral of negative thoughts and stress in your life.

Is this it? Should you head for retirement? Take a break? (Not yet!) ​

If you are experiencing a change in your sports performance, feeling like your game is off or you’ve lost your edge; you are in the right place.

I can help you get back in the game

I’ll show you how .

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Hypnosis can help you refocus your mind and realign your athletic performance - naturally

You’ve tried everything in your power and listened to the coach’s advice, but it hasn’t worked. The results are short-lived and before you know it; you find yourself back in the same pattern. Hitting a wall.

No one likes to admit they feel inadequate in a sport they love and have been playing or practicing for years. But it happens. ​

Life situations outside the game happen and it can be tough on your mental and emotional wellness. Subconsciously, your focus gets thrown off by a wrong move and it shakes your confidence. ​

No matter what you try, you feel…

  • Frustrated by your limited ability

  • Out of control and powerless

  • Uncomfortable in the game when others rely on you

  • Defeated no matter how much time you spend practicing

  • Embarrassed by your sudden drop in sports performance

Hypnosis can help guide you to get back in the game, find your edge and power to climb back up to the top.

Where are you on this journey?

Do You?

Have You?

Are You?

  • Feel like a failure?

  • Have obsessive thoughts about mistakes?

  • Know how to do it, but it’s just not happening?

  • Tried everything and it just didn’t work?

  • Wondered what happened because you used to do better?

  • Felt like you let the team down?

  • Frustrated?

  • Disappointed in yourself?

  • Stuck in a negative loop?

Change starts with you

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Get back to the sport you love, with the confidence and energy you need to be your best every day.

Together, we use hypnosis and other techniques to make a rapid change at the level of the brain, which is where the problem lies. You’ll learn how to go from being disappointed to being back at the top of your game so you can enjoy yourself, believe in yourself, and feel that pride again. ​

Every hypnosis session is tailor-made to your specific needs and takes place in a safe, non-judgmental, and comfortable environment.

And you’ll finally be able to…

  • Be in a better mood and have more energy

  • Silence the negative self-talk and only hear positive and helpful thoughts

  • Stop interrupting your life plans and hiding from this minor setback

  • Easily get back in the game or practice the sport you love - and stay in the “zone”

Don’t waste more time thinking about this and trying to figure out how to get back to being your best.

Get started with hypnosis now.

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From the very first session, you’ll feel better and have more confidence in yourself

Change starts with you

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